Virtual Program

This is our list of virtual (online-only) program items. Instructions for viewing online programming will be sent shortly before the convention to all members, including supporting members, who have registered a valid email address with us. Members attending the convention in person will be able to watch virtual program items in the Blue Room of the Tonopah Convention Center.

You must be at least a supporting member of Westercon 74 to be able to watch our virtual and hybrid programming online. See our Registration page for information about joining Westercon 74. The last day you can register for Westercon 74 online is June 25, 2022. No online registration will be available after that date or during the convention.

Times given here are for Tonopah, Nevada, which is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

While the panel timings and descriptions are now fixed, we are still talking to other potential guests.

Also all in-person panels in the Blue Room will be streamed for online members to watch. See the main program schedule for details.

Day Time Panel
Friday July 1st 8:00 am Space WesternsCowboys vs Aliens, Serenity, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone are just of the few Space Westerns from years past. Now with the re-launch live action series Cowboy Bebop are we starting a resurgence of the Space Western genre and is this a good idea? Stark Holborn in conversation with Cheryl Morgan
Friday July 1st 9:30am Current State of Space Opera — Space Opera has always been a key part of science fiction, and it has recently returned to the big screen with Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. Who is writing Space Opera today? How has it changed over the decades? And whose vision of the future might we see in TV or movies next? Ken MacLeod, J Dianne Dotson
Saturday July 2nd 8:00 am Who could have Predicted? — Plague novels / Meta / other horribly relevant things we thought were fictional when we were writing them Cheryl Morgan (M), Mike Carey, Ken MacLeod
Saturday July 2nd 9:30am A Woman’s Voice — Discussions on folklore/fairytales, reinventing old stories for modern audiences by female writers. Lucy Holland(M), Stark Holborn, Juliet E. McKenna
Sunday July 3rd 8:00 am Historical Writing in Fiction — How important is the use of historical sources by writers? Juliet E. McKenna(M), Lucy Holland, Cheryl Morgan, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Wole Talabi
Sunday July 3rd 9:30am Gulf Futurism — is an emerging movement that recognizes the Gulf’s hyper-modernization and its impact on the local culture. Its literary works expose capitalism contradictions while revealing certain defeats of the modern techno-culture, by applying Arab-centric representations in local contexts and situations. What can the Western World learn from these representations? Who are those emerging local voices? What are the relationships between Gulf Futurism and other «’isms» like Sinofuturism or Afrofuturism? Chery Morgan (M), Noura Al Noman, Ashraf Alfagih, Basma Ghalayini
Monday July 4th 8:00 am Having a Point of View — As an author you have views that are important to you, and which you want to convey to your readers. How do you do that while still entertaining the readers, and not making it sound like you are preaching at them? Mike Carey, Juliet E. McKenna, Gareth L. Powell, Noura Al Noman
Monday July 4th 9:30am Speculative fiction of the world — Who needs brave new worlds when we don’t make the best of the one we have? There are science fiction writers all over the world, working in many different languages. This panel will suggest some whose work you might want to explore. Wole Talabi, Fabio Fernandes, Cristina Jurado (M)