Westercon Business Meeting

Attending members of Westercon 74 can participate in the Westercon Business Meeting. The Business Meeting makes changes to the rules under which Westercons operate (the Westercon Bylaws) and decides what do do if no site is selected by the normal Westercon Site Selection Process. The Business Meeting operated under the Westercon Bylaws, which are available from the Bylaws & Business page of the Westercon website.

Due to the important issues regarding the future of Westercon that are likely to be discussed at this year’s meeting, the meeting will be held in the Main Hall of the Tonopah Convention Center at the Main Stage, starting at 11 AM on Sunday, July 3.

Pending Bylaw Amendment: There is an amendment pending ratification to the Westercon Bylaws that will be voted upon at the Westercon 74 Business Meeting.

Site Selection for Westercons 75 and 76: No bid file or was otherwise selected to host Westercon 75. No bid filed to host Westercon 76. The committee set up to make alternative arrangements for Westercon 75 has been unable to find a group prepared to host Westercon 75.  Baring any late developments, the Westercon 74 Business Meeting will probably need to determine what to do about arrangements for Westercons 75 and 76. This could include referring all site selection matters to the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society (LASFS), owners of the Westercon service mark.