Much of Westercon 74’s action will center around convention Hospitality, which will be in the main hall of the Tonopah Convention Center.

TCC Main Hall

TCC Ramp and Serving Tables

TCC Main Hall

TCC Main Hall

The Convention Center was once the USO Club in the days of the Tonopah Army Air Force Base.

For a better look about how the Convention Center looks inside, watch this video of our walk around the facility.

TCC Warming Ovens

We have full use of the Convention Center around the clock, including the serving kitchen.


Our current plans include a barbecue on Saturday afternoon.


There’s even a bar, and we’re allowed to (responsibly) serve what we want. Our Mixologists are planning on a great beverage selection.

Besides the hospitality area, the main hall contains the fan tables and “Fan Village,” where fan groups are encouraged to host parties each evening. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies will also take place here at the Main Stage.

We welcome your input for what you would like us to serve (both food and drink) during Westercon. Write to us.