Westercon Site Selection

Members of Westercon 74 (both attending and supporting) are eligible to vote on the site of Westercon 76. The rules for Westercon site selection are in the Westercon Bylaws, available from the Bylaws & Business page of the Westercon website.

As of the deadline for filing to be on the ballot (April 15, 2022), no groups filed bids to host Westercon 76. Under the Westercon Bylaws, any location in North America (or in Hawaii) west of 104° west longitude is eligible to host Westercon. A committee must consist of at least two people (a Chair and Treasurer). The deadline for filing a bid to be eligible to win the election as a write-in candidate is 7 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Saturday, July 2. Should no eligible bid receive sufficient votes to be selected, the Westercon Business Meeting on the morning of Sunday, July 3 will determine arrangements for Westercon 76.

Members can vote in person at Westercon 74 (and can send ballots in the care of other people to deliver to the Site Selection desk at the convention), or can vote by mail. The site election ballot will be distributed to members as part of Progress Report 5 or you can download it from our website.

To vote by mail, download the Westercon 76 Site Selection Ballot and follow the instructions on the ballot. There is no electronic voting. To vote by mail, print out the ballot, enclose the required $20 advance supporting membership (voting) fee, payable to “Westercon,” and send it to the address on the ballot. We must receive your postal mail ballot by June 25, 2022 (postmark date does not count) or we may not count it.

Westercon 75: No group filed to host Westercon 75, and the committee established by the Westercon 73 Business Meeting has not been able to find a group to host Westercon 75. A decision regarding what to do about Westercon 75 will be part of the Business Meeting at Westercon 74.