Dealers’ Room

We currently plan to host a small Dealers Room in the Buckboard Room, located off the Main Hall of the Convention Center. (Linked photos were taken while the room was set up for other events; we can arrange the room to our requirements, subject of course to fire codes and safety requirements.) Based on our inspection of the space and the measurements we have taken on our annotated floor plan of the Tonopah Convention Center, we expect to be able to hold around ten dealer spaces of 1–3 tables each comfortably. Dealer load in/out access is through a ramp-accessible double door in the rear of the convention center that opens directly into the Buckboard Room. Dealers can move their own material and there are no outside contractors involved in the process, nor restrictions on using your own hand-carts to load in and out of the building.

We are not charging for dealer spaces, although all persons staffing such tables must be attending members of Westercon 74.

To apply for a dealer space, Download the Dealer Application Form and follow the application instructions on the form.

If you have questions, contact our Dealer’s Room liaison, David W. Clark, at We reserve the right to select which dealers will be able to participate.