Progress Report 5 Published

Westercon 74 has published Progress Report 5 on our Publications page, with paper copies mailed to those members who requested them or who did not provide us with an e-mail address. Copies sent by postal mail also include a copy of the 2024 Westercon Site Selection Ballot.

PR 5 contains a copy of our COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy, updates on Programming and Events at Westercon, the Westercon Bylaws, the current membership list, and updated hotel booking information about the convention. Unlike our earlier “mini-reports,” this is a full-sized, 16-page progress report.

Westercon 74 Announces COVID-19 Policy

In the interest of protecting the members of the Westercon community, we have established a Westercon 74 Health & Safety Policy, clarifying and extending our previously published policy regarding COVID-19. All members attending Westercon 74 must be fully vaccinated (including at least one booster shot for those people eligible to receive one) against COVID-19. Members must present proof of vaccination (including booster, if applicable) at the convention registration desk in order to receive their membership badge. Members must wear their membership badge when accessing convention-controlled facilities including the Tonopah Convention Center and other function spaces.

Unvaccinated persons, including anyone ineligible for vaccination, may not attend the convention.

When accessing convention-controlled facilities including the Tonopah Convention Center and other programming spaces, all members are required to wear as a face covering either an authentic N95, KN95, or KF94 mask or a surgical mask that covers both their nose and mouth whenever they are not actively eating or drinking. While surgical masks are acceptable, we strongly encourage all members to wear an N95, KN95, or KF94 face covering as these are superior to a surgical mask.

The complete policy is on our website at

We are aware that as of this date, the State of Nevada has lifted its indoor mask mandate; however, the guidance from the state does say that private entities may require masks in settings in which they have jurisdiction. Be aware that while we require masks of our members, employees of the facilities in which we are holding the convention may not be required to wear masks, and it is likely that most businesses in Tonopah will not require them. While we recommend that you wear your mask in public, and many of us on our committee will be doing so ourselves, we cannot require it outside of our convention facilities.

Tonopah is the county seat of Nye County, Nevada. Approximately 57% of Nye County’s residents have had at least one vaccination dose, but less than 50% of the county’s population is fully vaccinated as of this writing. In addition, while Tonopah does have an urgent-care medical clinic and paramedic/EMT services, the nearest hospitals are in Hawthorne, Nevada and Bishop, California, both more than 100 miles from Tonopah.

If you have questions about this policy, please write to us at