Medical Services

There is no full-service hospital in the Tonopah area. There is an urgent-care center 0.7 miles (1.2 km) south of the Convention Center, and the local fire/EMS (paramedic) service is 920 ft / 280 m (approximately one minute’s drive) from the Convention Center. The nearest full-service hospitals are in Hawthorne NV (105 mi / 170 km) and Bishop CA (120 mi / 195 km).

Note that if you have concerns about needing emergency medical care that might involve needing to be transported to a major medical facility, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance, as you might want to do when traveling anywhere that is outside of a major metropolitan area. Such coverage is generally not very expensive. (Our convention chair, born in 1965, got a quote of between $20-$30 for a one-week stay for comparable dates in 2019 that included $500,000 in emergency medical evacuation coverage.) Our committee is investigating what the cost of a group emergency medical evacuation coverage policy for our members would be, but is unable to make any commitment at this time to providing such coverage.